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Madhupur Tea Estate:

Madhupur Tea Estate is situated at Machkhowa near the Arunachal Pradesh Hills in the North Lakhimpur District of Assam. The Garden was purchased on 4th January 1908 by Srimati Suchandi Devi wife of Srijut Someswar Sarmah of Bezgaon village of Sibsagar, Assam.

The sellers were Englishmen from Manchester, England by the names of Mr. Emmolt Barlow, Baronet M.J. Frank Barlow and Mr. William MacDonald. These gentlemen were partners in a trading firm named Barlow Tea located at 37, Strand Street, Calcutta.

lnitially Orthodox teas were manufactured at this estate and were sent to Calcutta Auctions by ships. Srijut Someswar Sarmah, a pioneer Assamese tea planter and also Superintendent of English Tea Company called Maobondha Tea Co. managed the garden. It was handed over to his son Srijut Romeswar Sarmah and subsequently by his grand son Srijut Debeswar Sarmah.

Madhupur Tea Estate has a modern fully automatic tea factory which produces at present 7 lacs kg of Black CTC teas which are of the finest quality. Madhupur Tea Estate teas rank in the top position in the honours list of best Assam teas.

Borajan Tea Estate:

Borajan Tea Estate is located in the same area and is close to Madhupur Tea Estate. This tea garden was newly re-planted by the present Managing Director Sri Abhijit Sarmah in the year 1986 and the quality tea clones as approved by Tocklai. The leaf from this estate is manufactured at Madhupur Tea Factory.

Oating Tea Estate:

Oating Tea Estate is located in the quality belt of Golaghat district of Assam. It was first purchased by Srijut Someswar Sarmah from erstwhile Jorehaut Tea Co. in 1896. Initially only orthodox teas were manufactured which were sent to Calcutta Auctions by ships. This tea estate was jointly managed by family members and in 2000 it was singularly purchased by Sri Abhijit Sarmah, the present Managing Director of Madhupur T.E. (Pvt.) Ltd. Since then, the estate has undergone extensive re-plantation of superior quality tea clones and seeds and this work is continuing. It has a modern automatic tea factory which produces 8 lacs kg of Black CTC teas at present. Oating teas are gaining popularity in the Guwahati Auctions among the buyers.

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